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De-alcoholised wine and sparkling wine !

One lives longer, healthier and happier keeping your head “clear”, which is the reason why we specialised in dealcoholised wines and sparkling wines.

We use only very carefully pre-selected wines which combined with the special procedure of alcohol extraction guarantee the highest quality of the products, which can be recognized on its fruity and delicate taste. During recent years we became supplier of the widest alcohol free wine and sparkling wine range consisting of 16 sorts (9 coming from common and 7 coming from organic cultivation).

Non-alcoholic wine, sparkling wine and  cocktail products

are particulary suitable for:

pregnant/ nursing women
 athletes and persons being
health-  conscious 

as weel as for ill persons







Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. Call: +49 (0) 261-82501

Delight without remorse!

It is very easy to diet drinking our non-alcoholic wine and sparkling wine which contains less than 20 calories per 100ml.

Health in glass!

According to Prof. Dr. med Hans K. Biesalski's detailed studies, our non-alcoholic wines and sparkling wines contain natural antioxidants that defend against the so called "free radicals" and  therefore they are very valuable to our health.