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The "Weinkellerei Weinkönig GmbH" takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. The following explanation informs you how we use your data and ensure the data security.


  • The subject of this explanation is the collection, processing and use (use) of personal data ( data ), which we, which raise "Weinkellerei Weinkönig GmbH", if you use our offers ( services).

Responsible person place, contact address

  • Responsible person place in the sense of the data protection law is the "Weinkellerei Weinkönig GmbH".

    If you want questions the use of your data to have or from the pleas use described herein make, fill out please our form for contact.

No consent by use

  • For the use of your data are relevant the valid in each case legal regulations, in particular the Federal Law for Data Protection and the Teledienste data protection act. As far as we use data for a purpose, which requires your agreement according to these regulations, we will ask you in each case for your express agreement. They can recall once given agreement at any time and/or contradict future uses of your data. The bare registration, use of the services or information of this explanation does not replace your express declaration of consent.

Use of your data

In the following the possibilities of the use of your data are outlined short. Please you note that all data are not actually used for all purposes and that for individual services if necessary by special data security explanations supplementing information is given.

Collection of data

The "Weinkellerei Weinkönig GmbH" raises data, if you furnish a user account or if services visit or use you:

  • If you furnish a user account, we ask you for certain personal data your. By these only those data are intended as obligation data, which we need for the contractual relation and/or the execution of the services. 
  • If you visit or use services, and stores "Weinkellerei Weinkönig GmbH" raises technical information, which your Browser conveys to us automatically in our server Logs. It concerns the IP address of your computer as well as data, those the "Weinkellerei Weinkönig GmbH" on Cookies (see section Cookies ) in particular put itself down and the side called by you.

Processing and use of data

The "Weinkellerei Weinkönig GmbH" uses the raised data for four fundamental purposes, whereby all data are not actually used for all purposes: 

  • We use the data in your user account to its person and address (inventory data) for the reason and administration of the use relationship.
  • We use the data to your use of the individual services (use data) for the technical completion and if necessary account of these services. With the fact it can occur that to accounting purposes use data of different services are united.
  • In addition we evaluate if necessary use profiles under an alias (with the data on your user account to be united cannot) the market study and improvement of our services, only so far you not from its legal right use to have made to contradict this use of your data.
  • Only so far you agreed that expressly (see section no consent by use) to use we your data also, in order to align and/or inform you about special offers or new products our contents including the advertising offers to your personal interests.

Data communication to third

The "Weinkellerei Weinkönig GmbH" insures that your data are passed on not on third to separate only for the support and use of our service offer are used. 

Deleting  data

As far as your data are not necessary any more for the aforementioned purposes including the account, these are deleted. Please you that with each deletion the data are only deleted first only closed and then with temporal delay finally consider, in order to possibly prevent inadvertent deletions or deliberate damages. For technical reasons data are duplicated if necessary in data protection files and reflections by services. Such copies are likewise if necessary only deleted with a technically caused temporal delay.


  • Cookies are files, which are put down on the non removable disk of your computer and which easement of navigation to serve. They avoid that with each use all necessary data must again be entered. Cookies facilitate the use of our services. They can prevent a storing of Cookies on your non removable disk, by not accepting Cookies in your Browser attitudes select. How functions in detail, infer please from the guidance of your Browser manufacturer. If you do not accept Cookies, this can lead to function restrictions with our services.
  • As far as you consented to the use of Cookies, the "Weinkellerei Weinkönig GmbH" data stores which we to raise, in Cookies on your non removable disk and calls up these information when late uses again.
  • Possible advertising partners do not have the right to call information up out from the "Weinkellerei Weinkönig GmbH" put down Cookies. Our advertising partners would know however own Cookies on its non removable disk placing. For such Cookies the "Weinkellerei Weinkönig GmbH" is legally not responsible.

Data security

The "Weinkellerei Weinkönig GmbH" is endeavored, your data before unauthorized access, loss, abuse, to protect or destruction. Sensitive data are stored not on the server, but coded by email at us dispatch.