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Dealcoholised wine and sparkling wine FAQ

What is the difference between grape juice and dealcoholized wine?
Grape juice is made from crushed and pressed grapes. Wine is fermented grape juice. The base of alcohol free wines is completely fermented wine (9-12% vol.) which is dealcoholized after complete fermentation. Alcohol free wine went through the same maturing stages as the “normal” wine with the difference, that the alcohol has been extracted after reaching the maturity.  Dealcoholised wine can be called “alcohol free” because the alcohol content lays underneath the 0,5% vol.

Does alcohol free wine taste good?
Yes, alcohol free wine maintains its character of original wine (taste and bouquet).

Who drinks alcohol free wine?
Vehicle drivers, religious people, businessman, athletes, health conscious, dieting, diabetics, pregnant and nursing women, convinced abstainer and everybody who want to enjoy but to set alcohol aside and many other people.  

How is  alcohol extracted?
The alcohol removal occurs in a very careful way in a vacuum (a space with no air inside) and is definitely gentler then any other extraction method.

The method allows a very gentle extraction by temperature considerably below 30° Celsius so that the thermal damage cannot occur. The wine is warmed up to 29° Celsius, when the alcohol reaches its boiling point and starts to evaporate. This procedure happens in a few minutes and therefore it is very effective. The system used is computer-controlled and ensures an optimal and correct extract of alcohol.

Is alcohol free wine healthy?
Yes. The scientistic examinations have proven that all healthy influences caused by e. g. red wine, are not determined by alcohol but rather by flavonoids which can be found also in dealcoholized wine.

How many calories does dealcoholized contain?
100 ml dealcoholized wine contains only about 20 calories and our  organic white wine “Sanus” only 5 calories. This means that this is only 1/3 of a "normal" wine or sparkling wine.

How much alcohol contains alcohol free wine?
Our alcohol free wines and sparkling wines contain max. 0,3% vol., which is under the value prescribed of 0.5 % You can also find such traces in unfermented juices such as grape-, orange and tomato juice. Even in bread and sauerkraut you can find alcohol of 0.2 - 0.4 %.

Are alcohol addicted people allowed to drink dealcoholized wine?
The opinions about this issue are wide spread. Due to relatively small alcohol content is dealcoholised wine physiological harmless but as the alcohol free wine is bottled in wine bottles, smells and taste as regular wine, one can get the impression of drinking regular wine, which can cause the so called “placebo effect” and can mislead the abstinent to start drinking again.

How long can dealcoholised wine be stored?
If you store the wine in the correct way it will give you a shelf-guarantee of three years. This guarantee can only be given because the wine has a screw cap and the sparkling wine a poly-cork. You can keep it several days in fridge after opening the bottle.