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About us

In 1978, WEINKELLEREI WEINKÖNIG Ltd, has been founded in Koblenz/Rhine by Hermann and Marita Warnke.

Initially, the company has been operating as a common winery, selling wines, sparkling wines, champagne, spirits and wine accessories until 1986, when the selling offer was extended by non-alcoholic red and white wines, and introduced to the market. Since then, WEINKELLEREI WEINKÖNIG becomes a leader of non-alcoholic wine trade in Europe.

In the meanwhile, the company offers wide range of de-alcoholised products coming both from common and organic cultivation. Sixteen different products are offered nationally and worldwide up to the South Pacific area..

WEINKÖNIG obtains his wines from small and medium sized vineyards and winegrowers in order to be able to offer "first class wines" at competitive prices. Only carefully chosen wines from conventional and good viticulture are qualitative enough to could stand its ground in the market The company do not distribute only German wines but also imported wines (from conventional and organic cultivation).

The name Weinkönig (pronounced “Vine-Kurn-ig” which means “Wine King”) stands for noble wines of premium quality.

The organic supervision is provided by Ecocert IMO GmbH, D - 78409 Konstanz, organic control-body/authority: DE–ÖKO-005, EU farming.

At the end of 2011, the founder and owner of the non-alcoholic winery Weinkönig GmbH decided to retire and handed over the ownership to long-term managers of the company, Mrs. Petra Vurucu and Mr. Roland Hobernik.

The two extremely experienced managing directors, who have been involved in the "Weinkönig" since many years, are guarantee for the premium quality of “Weinkönig” non-alcoholic products, introduced in 2007. The entire product range is available through retailers, organic wholesalers and also over the Internet to the private customers.